2010-09-22 00:51:31 by Achilles015

ReflexION was just released! Looks like it's doing well, it's been awarded daily third. Give it a try!


2009-09-01 03:20:35 by Achilles015

Luxate was just released! Play it here:

It's a point and click adventure, I hope you all like it.

The Endless Drop

2009-04-01 20:05:16 by Achilles015

The Endless Drop was just released! It's more of an art project than a game, but I hope you'll enjoy regardless.

The Endless Drop

//Smoking Kills

2009-02-08 01:23:26 by Achilles015

Smoking Kills was released today. I hope you'll all enjoy it, even though it's not ButtonHunt 4. Link

//Smoking Kills

ButtonHunt 3 Released!

2008-07-01 18:39:24 by Achilles015

ButtonHunt 3 was just released! I hope you enjoy the conclusion to the ButtonHunt trilogy!

ButtonHunt 2 is done!

2007-12-08 01:28:12 by Achilles015

ButtonHunt 2 is out! Play it here!

New Account

2007-11-02 22:16:47 by Achilles015

Hello everyone, I made a new account so as not to confuse anyone who sees my games elsewhere on the web. This is the alias I use for everything, so I've decided to use it here too.